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How Seattle Can Steal the 2014 NBA All-Star Game

It's time for Seattle to take the national stage again and here is a simple plan that will allow us to do it.

"Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing."

- Muhammad Ali

Sonics Nation, are you ready to do the impossible?  Would I ask this question if I didn't think we had the resolve and capacity to change how the NBA and the nation views us as a fan base?

Some may say we're crazy for attempting something like this, but pay them no mind. We are going to Steal the All-Star Game.

This is not to say that we are going to steal the All-Star Game from the city of New Orleans, but rather we steal spots on the rosters for Seattle based NBA players.  Not only do we help those that are 206 born and bred, but also those former Seattle Supersonics who are still in the league.

Is there a better retirement gift we, as Seattle Supersonics fans, could give David Stern than an All-Star Game full of Seattle players?

I think not.  You know this, I know this, and I also know you are smiling at the idea right now.

Voting Plan

Western Conference

Eastern Conference

Isaiah Thomas


Tony Wroten (Write-In)

Jamal Crawford


Ray Allen

Kevin Durant


Jeff Green

Kevin Love


Spencer Hawes

Nikola Pekovic


Nikola Vucevic

Last season Kobe Bryant led all All-Star vote getters with 1,591,437 votes.  LeBron James had 1,583,646, Kevin Durant had 1,504,047 and Carmelo Anthony had 1,460,950 votes respectively.

If 3,000 Sonics fans could get themselves and five friends/family/co-workers to participate for the next 64 days, we would amass 960,000 votes for each of our players.  If we get 5,000 Sonics fans to do the same thing for the next 64 days we would get our chosen players 1,600,000 votes, which would more than likely guarantee our guys a starting spot in the All-Star game.

Where we need to win in voting is as follows:

We need to get Spencer Hawes into the top three in the Eastern Conference frontcourt.  Last season both James and Anthony led the vote counts there, with Kevin Garnett being a distant third with 553,222 votes.

Jeff Green was an afterthought last season for the All-Star Game votes.  This year we need to turn out in force to get Green into the top three.  Why Jeff Green?  Well he played his rookie season for the Sonics and he still owns a house in the Seattle area (Queen Anne, I believe) where he spends the offseason.  He's adopted Seattle as his home, so it's time we adopt him as a Seattleite and get him into the All-Star Game.

In the Eastern Conference backcourt is another person we need to get into the top two.  Ray Allen finished just votes behind former Boston Celtic teammate, Rajon Rondo, last year.

Dwyane Wade led the guards in voting last year in the East with 1,052,310.  This is where our one and only write-in vote comes in.  Your write in vote should be for the Renton born, UW educated (for one year) Tony Wroten.  Wroten isn't on the main part of the ballot because he is not a starter on the Philadelphia 76ers. The hash tag for both Twitter and Facebook we will rock is #WriteInWroten.

Out West, there is a man who doesn't need our help and that is one Kevin Durant.  He repped that sweet-ass Sonics hat in the Playoffs last year and then again this summer to boot during his return to Seattle in the Pro-Am game.

The two guys that do need our help are Jamal Crawford (Clippers) and Isaiah Thomas (Kings).  Neither are starters, but provide huge contributions to their teams.  Voting for Crawford and Thomas is important because they directly contend with Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Jeremy Lin (and the Linsanity voters) and James Harden's beard.

For this to work, we need to stick to the plan.  This is our chance to be in the national spotlight once more.  We need you, your husband, wife, kids, grandparents, parents, friends and co-workers to get in on this.  Hell, if your dog for some reason has an email address, have them vote too.

Together we can make a difference. You, me, us; let's steal an All-Star Game.

Let's get it done.  #StealTheASG is our hash tag for the movement.  Make this tag trend.  Not just in Seattle, but nationally.

This is our time. Let's remind the NBA we still care, that we are still here and we refuse to go away.

Here is where you can vote: 2014 NBA All-Star Game Ballot.