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"I just got out" - Howard Schultz

Warren Little

If you haven't seen it, Howard Schultz recently made some comments on his time as the owner of the Sonics.

Howard Schultz: Owning Seattle Sonics "Turned Out To Be A Nightmare" (via TheHour)

There was a time when some wanted to give Schultz a free pass for his actions.  I was never in that group.

In the interview, the thing that rubs me the most is where Schultz says "I just got out".  It was exactly that.  He gave up. Quit. And then rather than putting the long term effort in to end it the right way, he shook a few trees and when nothing fell in his lap he moved on as quickly as he could.

What strikes you in this interview?  Can an argument still be made that Schultz tried but it just didn't work out?