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Happy Election Day!

It has been a tough election cycle at times. Let's celebrate together and start to move forward!

Re-Elect Dow Constantine

It is empowering to know that people can have strongly differing views but continue to treat each other well - putting friendship above politics. It has been great to see this going on here the last couple of months. Being able to be open about our views, giving and receiving feedback on them, and at times arguing passionately with other smart people brings us a lot closer to solving some of these really hard issues.

We all know Team Murray has a big lead in the polls and I encourage his supporters to start their party prep early today. Relax. You have this in the bag.

McGinn meanwhile has made a surge and both he and his team are working the ground game hard. Many people are awakening to the fact that tonights outcome is going to be a lot closer than the polls show or most pundits have anticipated.

As a proud McGinn supporter I hope that the mayor wins re-election. When he does I will be asking him to address the real and substantial concerns raised by many of my friends in this election. He will have a lot of work to do rebuilding relationships and will only be successful if he remains humble and focused, not pursuing vendettas from this election but rather hearing the concerns that caused some good people to turn away from him.  I have the expectation that he will be really responsive in actions to address those concerns.

McGinn needs to commit to supplementing his staff of loyal, passionate and visionary supporters by hiring and empowering experienced political facilitators who can take that vision and work with council more productively to make it a reality.

He needs to make peace with our city attorney, Pete Holmes. Mayor McGinn's accusatory letter last year was wrong and remains one of his most difficult actions to defend. If Holmes proves unwilling to accept the apology and move forward that will be on him.

If elected Senator Murray also faces significant challenges. While he has campaigned on the promise of collaboration, Murray's reputation from Olympia implies that he brings a temper and holds political grudges against those who have opposed him.

Murray has talked the talk of collaboration. He will have to walk the walk as the mayor or he will disappoint a lot of people. Giving the divisiveness of this election, it will take some real effort to set those tendencies aside and deliver on his promise to be less adversarial and bring dissenting opinions together to find mutually acceptable compromise. This will be very difficult to do without offending members of his large and diverse group of supporters. There are a lot of people in this town that are going to feel strongly that their support was the difference maker in electing him. They will have contradicting goals and Murray will be hard pressed to make all of his own people happy, let alone McGinn supporters who want to participate in his administration.

While dealing with all those political participants and stakeholders we can only hope he follows McGinn's example in regards to public accessibility in City Hall. There has never been a time that regular people out in the community have felt so empowered to participate in their community. People have gotten used to their seats at the table and will notice if this 18 year Olympia politician returns all the attention to lobbyists and political interest groups. To do so will create a lot of anger that our city does not need.

Regardless of who wins sports fans should look to build upon our recently found regional influence. It speaks volumes that McGinn, Murray, Conlin and Sawant have each recognized the strength of Sonics fans and adjusted their positions accordingly. The recognition of our constituency in these prominent races speaks for itself, and all the sports fans in the region should feel a real sense of pride in that.

The guy I am looking to for leadership going forward was the very first political leader to stand shoulder to shoulder with Sonics fans - Dow Constantine. Constantine, ther regional leader, has been there for our issue and for me personally. He is a true sports fan and great leader. He excels at putting himself in positions to make a positive impact while avoiding unnecessary conflict and minimizing the political drama that often prevents reasonable people from working together to the greatest extent possible.

County Executive Dow Constantine did not need any favors or support during this election because he is cruising to an easy victory. His low key, humble and authentically collaborative approach has resulted in incredibly broad and consistent support. He treats people well and never puts himself above the issue. I believe this is the way of our future and where we need to move towards.

There has been a lot of unnecessary division in this mayoral race and I'm glad it is going to be over shortly. Tonight at BOTH Neumos and 95 Slide I will have a smile on my face and am going to be celebrating our tribe coming back together again. Team McGinn and Team Murray will fade quickly and we will all be looking forward to the next 4 years, settling back into our roles representing the whole region on team Seattle*.

Regardless of who wins, I hope that their supporters will go into the next 4 years encouraging their guy to quickly move past the division of the last few months. They should look to King County Executive Dow Constantine as a great example of someone who is doing things the right way and getting things done.

* and surrounding area. #Bellevue #WashingtonState #PNW #WestCoast