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NBA Players to Wear Christmas Pajamas

Remember last year's "BIG color" monochrome Christmas jerseys? Did you hate them? Well the good news is that they won't be back this year. The bad news is that they will be replace by the monstrosities above.

Paul Lukas

You know the classic image; the Christmas tree all lit up, presents strewn around it, the family all huddled around in their pajamas. Well apparently the NBA wanted to bring that feeling to the hardwood and since they can't put trees or presents on the court, they just decided to out all the players in pajamas for Christmas Day.

Once upon a time, the only difference between a regular NBA jersey and a Christmas NBA jersey was a small snowflake shaped patch on the players' chest. Then they started having teams wear green and red to match the season. Then last year, adidas introduced monochrome uniforms that did not translate well to TV. This year, they're going with sleeved jerseys without team names.

The above image originally came from an eBay listing and was later confirmed as the Christmas Day jerseys by ESPN's resident uniform expert Paul Lukas. The listing was then deleted. The jerseys are set to be officially unveiled later this month. The jerseys are called "BIG logo" and feature a washed out logo on the front and numbers on the sleeves. The player's name and number will appear on the back as usual. To my knowledge, this is the first time in NBA history that a player's number has not appeared on the front of the jersey. It is also the first sleeved jersey (of the modern age, the Celtics did wear sleeved jerseys in the 1940s) to feature some kind of design on the sleeves.

Adidas and the NBA seem to really be banking on these sleeved jerseys with the hope that casual fans will be more likely to buy one since they can wear them in leiu of a t-shirt, instead of having to wear a shirt under their jersey. The problem is that casual fans don't want to spend $100 on a glorified t-shirt.

So what do you guys think of the "BIG logo" jerseys? Love the design, hate the sleeves? Love it all? Hate it all? Sound off, Sonics fans.