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Hansen's $30 Mil Deposit Cleared Last Night

Based on a comment in the last thread wondering if there's no news out of Sacramento today because the Maloofs got their share in $2 nickel rolls. Makes it easier to play the slots for a longer time, you know.

Which reminds me of a story that really has nothing to do with any of this, but I'll tell it anyways. About oh ... 15 or so years ago I was visiting my grandparents in New Mexico, and driving around town with my grandma to get stuff for dinner. On the way she asks me if I want to stop by the Indian casino to do some gambling. Heck yes I do! Inter-generational gambling with my grandmother, this is gonna be great if for no other reason it'll drive my mom crazy. So Grandma gets her roll or two of nickels and goes straight over to the nickel slot area and starts dutifully plunking away.

Now like some of you I don't find the stakes of nickel slot gambling particularly compelling, so I pull $50 out of the ATM and go find some dollar slots I can play until a spot opens up at the blackjack table. There's a brand new row of ELVIS slots against one wall. I go up to one, put in my dollar coin and pull the handle. BANG, I win a $50 payout on my first coin. BOOMSHAKALAKA! Thank ya Elvis, thankyavurrymuch. My plastic cup is now filled to the brim with dollar coins. I'm so excited to tell Grandma, so I go looking for her, searching all over the floor of the darkened casino.

Suddenly, I spot her there in the nickel slot section, about 50 feet away from me, with her back to me. I raise my cup and not-quite-yell, "Grandma!!"

EVERY woman in the place turns around at the sound of the word.

I didn't realize that Indian casino gambling was such a popular pastime among, ahem, senior citizens.

I now return you back to your regularly scheduled watch of Chris Daniels Twitter account.