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Here We Question???

Please note that this post is intended to reflect my personal feelings on experiences from 2006 - 2008 and not a judgement on the actions of fans of the Sacramento Kings.

Last night fans in Sacramento put on their big rally event in a game against the Utah Jazz. It was a near sellout dubbed "Here We Buy" and sounds like it was pretty successful. They came within 1000 or so tickets of a sellout which is good for a team that ranks last in the league in attendance (although many tickets were at a reduced price) and it seems by all accounts that the chants were loud and the fans were passionate. The players responded with a resounding win coming out inspired to start each quarter.

I know as a fan organizing similar events the feelings were always the same. Dread in the days leading up to it turned to exhilaration as I got to see the results and the next day I wake up at say "What now?"

Its hard to figure out what you accomplish as a fan. It is hard to know whether spending all that time and money is meaningful. They did not make national impact. They were not noticed. There is no coverage on ESPN or any of the major news outlets. It's kind of sad really and I'm sure people down there woke up today feeling that they had done something larger than they ever imagined but it barely made a dent in the problem. They have to do something much bigger to get attention on the national stage. Speaking from experience it may in fact be impossible for them to do so.

God bless them for trying. The window to do anything is very short.

What now Kings fans?