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Turning a blind eye to the crash

It is, in my estimation, only a matter of time before the Kings franchise is renamed the Sonics, and comes to Seattle.
They will not fall from the sky, nor will we pull them from the ground, so I am reminded.

I care about the fans, here and there, but I'm here, not there, so there. The rest of the folks involved, I care measurably less about them in proportion to their actual involvement and position to Seattle getting a NBA franchise.

At this point Sacramento's Kevin Johnson is doing everything he can, and yet, there is a little "playing for second" reality to the whole thing. He is doing the politician thing better than Greg Nickels did in Seattle, even though he is likely going to end up with the same result with the team leaving. Good for him.

Regardless, welcome to first in line for the next franchise or expansion team, Sacramento. Well done, you've earned it.

The team was sold, relocation papers filed, and if the NBA was going to do something then it would have happened months ago.

When the NBA "cares" it intervenes prior to action, not after. Action has happened. Did the Maloofs file for relocation to Anaheim? No, the NBA stopped them before the action, the $30 million dollar kind of action.

Did the Maloofs file for relocation to Seattle? Yes they did, done.

But, enough about you, enough. I now turn a blind eye now to that end, not because I don't care, but because I do. The crash will be harsh and familiar.

I don't read the Kings stuff, the twitter, the blogs, none. Other people bring it here for whatever reason. But those repeating tweets will fade soon enough.

Tomorrow, next week, no more talk about them for me. I'm done.


Moving on. . .

Michael Carter-Williams looks like a pretty good pick if Evans is going to be traded, and the Franchise stays around the 8th pick. I need more looks at him in action.

The franchise needs a second pick in the 1st round, later in the 1st, to pick up another front court player. If moving Evans brings back that pick, do it.

I was watching Kansas last night. I am wondering why a 6-5 SG is floating near the top of the draft. Ben McLemore has a great shooting touch, but, is he going to get taller or play PG? I have seen all of one game and maybe I will see something when they play this weekend.

Jeff Withey, for a "stiff" hanging around the other end of the 1st round doesn't look to horrible. If the Franchise gets a late 1st rounder in trade, very late, Withey looks ok.