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We need a new thread

I just want to put out there a general thanks to all the people who have kind words for me on this blog, Facebook and just in general.

The last couple of months (for that matter the last 7 years) have been just amazing. It was getting crazy before this but now it is almost surreal. I have connected with so many friends and everybody is so happy and excited and curious. I get lots of thanks and lots of appreciation and little by little I am trying to master the difficult art of just enjoying it all as much as possible without coming across as arrogant or full of myself or getting ahead of things. I want people to know that I am really in a good place. I'm appropriately proud of what we did together and appreciate the credit people are kind enough to give me without wanting or needing credit that I really don't deserve. I did a lot of things very publicly but a TON of people worked hard in the background and I shouldn't hog the credit just because people recognize me.

I am totally committed to having fun with this. I'm really thankful to have been given a shot at a ride up and I want to be excited to the point of being silly. I want to get carried away in it all and talk about how great I expect next season and the coming years to be.

So hopefully in a couple of months it all works out and we can get over this awkwardness of the in between. I can stop having to worry about what I say and if my actions could somehow affect things. The overwhelming stress of "will it really happen?" will go away and I will be completely and totally obsessed with the 2013 NBA playoffs and draft preparation.

Big thanks to all the people who have become parts of my life in this process. I hope you all are enjoying it too.