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NBPA bounces Billy Hunter

In a unanimous vote yesterday the NBA Players Association voted to remove Billy Hunter from his post as executive director.  While on the surface that sounds like a done deal, Hunter has stated that he intends to fight it.

This will likely get ugly.

I can't say it surprises me that this went down.  It was clear during the last round of collective bargaining that it was likely either Derek Fischer or Billy Hunter was on the way out.

Then came to light some of the nepotism employed by Billy Hunter with a daughter, daughter-in-law, and his son's law firm all making bank from the NBPA.  Even if it was all above the board, that's not smart operating.

And while some may wonder does this post have a place here, it does in my opinion (obviously).  Everything in the NBA is set off of the CBA, and that has a huge impact moving forward if Seattle does secure an NBA team.

With Stern on his way out, and Hunter presumably out regardless of the fight yet to be waged, the whole landscape of the NBA could change pretty quickly in the next few years.  I do hope they're smart enough to avoid another lockout.

ESPN covers it in much greater detail.