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NBA Trade Deadline Open Thread

Update:  NBA Trade Tracker on ESPN is a good resource to keep up with trades today (Big Chris)

So here we are. Exactly 3651 days (maybe) after Gary Payton was traded and most of cried, questioning the meaning of life.

Maybe that was just me.

We have the trade deadline and the rest of the night into tomorrow morning is going to be filled with rumors.

baseless predictions:

Hornets trade Eric Gordon to the Warriors for Harrison Barnes.

Nets can't trade anyone because no one wants their trash and bad contracts.

Oklahoma City trades Kendrick Perkins in a three team deal that nets them a first round draft pick.

Orlando trades JJ Reddick to Memphis.

Josh Smith ends up in Houston, Thomas Robinson ends up in Atlanta. Houston eventually makes Western Conference Finals. Atlanta loses in first round again.

Clippers trade Bledsoe to Utah for Al Jefferson and Mo Williams. Clippers fans cringe at the idea of Crawford and Williams on court together.

Now, what are your predictions?