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New Thread Time

You guys need to get your comparisons right.

Burkle is the Ballmer in this scenario.  Loaded (albiet not so much as Ballmer) and this new guy Kehriotis is the Dennis Daugs.  Well meaning former owner who just doesn't have deep enough pockets to even get a glance this late in the process.

That means we are still waiting for the "Emerald City Center" of the group.  I'm betting at some point someone comes up with a REALLY radical idea for the Natomas current arena site.

Lots of similarities between this move and ours.   I would say that if I were on "Team Sacramento" I would not be enthused about their options but rather concerned about the lack of clarity.  It seems as if they need to have a clear and short path with little discussion. Having 2 sites, 2 owners and as of yet undefined funding mechanisms seems pretty tough.

I also think Carmichael Dave's twitter quote was deplorable and hurts his cause tremendously.  If he worked for a legitimate news or radio station he would be fired for it.  He seems to be a really nice guy offline who seems to have the feeling that his "on air persona" can be controversial for the sake of radio.   That comment was not funny or excusable in character.  It was ugly and unsympathetic and further proof that he just wants what he wants and doesn't give a damn about reality to try to get there.