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Stumbled upon this just now. It gets me very excited at the prospect of a team being back here to play next season and actually covering the team like an obsessed basketball stat nerd (can't wait for my Synergie package). Do interviews, talk with team, front office.

I recall all those feelings when they left and the absolute joy when the Sonics return. But I can't also not watch that video and in the back of my mind there is Chris Webber, Mike Bibby, Kenny Smith, Vlade Divac, Doug Christie, Olden Polynice and the rest. Same music, same random images of joy those fans experienced.

I want the team, I want them here next year, I want to be running game threads, having every single one of you participate unless you are at the game. I want us to be meeting up at Oskar's for drinks or having playoff BBQ/parties at my house (self relocation will be needed). I like the rest of you am ready for that next step to be announced. I want to be drinking champaign in Seattle on April 18th or 19th with you proud folks.

Its amazing how quickly things change on a night by night basis. Hope on one side rises, then falls while the other rises and soon falls. For me when things get a little too serious, too heavy, I like to joke, break tension with some laughter. I like to bring the levity to the table.  Not tonight though.

It amazes me how much time and effort Brian has put into this whole thing. I don't know if I have the accumen to do what he did, but seeing him work from close up and far away. Phone calls, emails, hearing his plans and the next steps, those little important steps to get to the big picture. This could not have been done with out him. With out him there wouldn't be this conversation, I wouldn't be writing this to you now. I'm going to be staying here.

Then you have guys like Mike and Jeremy who have been around forever, still going strong, even after got hacked and destoryed, they did enough to the site to keep it functional so they could still post and keep the flame alive. Same goes fro Xteve, Big Chris. Those guys have been around since the inception basically and they're still here.

Myk -- he might be my favorite poster on the site ever. He's still here. Menace, Jenn, JetCity, Andy and others. They're still here. They have not abandoned the cause or the fight. I feel as if you guys have turns monitoring twitter or a competition to "scoop" the story early and get it on the board first. I absolutely love it. I love you guys. You've been part of a secret internet family for six years now, I want another sixty.

And I want titles. I want the best fans standing for whole games, leaving the arena unable to talk. The only form of communication is smiles and high fives. OKC really has no idea what Loud City is. We invented that. Our fans cause earthquakes on big plays.
No one else does.

We're going to get the team. We're going to get the players.

They have to know that we're going to be here. Two steps behind them, we are not Boston or New York.

We are Seattle and I want a piece of our broken heart returned.

We'll be here.

Now I would like to know who you are and why you are here.