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What will the new Sonics arena be called?

Nowadays you can't have an arena called The Kingdome or, as much as we'd probably all like it, Sonics Arena. It has to be corporate. You have to sell the naming rights to the highest bidder. Hence why we have CenturyLink Field, Barclays Center, the Boston Garden is now the TD Garden for God's sake! Not to mention a witty nickname is always fun. Fans of the Charlotte Bobcats (yes, there are some) call the Time Warner Cable Arena "The Cable Box." So who should buy the naming rights to the Sonics' new home? Below are some Seattle-area companies that could potentially claim the name. along with some clever nicknames for each.

The Microsoft Center (aka The X-Box or The Bing Dome) - the most obvious one

Amazon Arena (aka The Jungle) - has a theme song built in

Starbucks Center (aka The Grounds) - c'mon Howard, it's the least you could do. Well, the least you could do is absolutely nothing but you've already done that. Go one better.

Weyerhauser Garden (aka The Weyerhause [pronounced "Warehouse"] or simply The House)

KeyArena (aka Key2) - Can this happen? Do arenas have sequels? This could cause a lot of confusion, though.

Icanhascheezburger Center... nevermind.

What do you think of these names? What other suggestions you got, Sonics fans?