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Football media season is over

If you think the media is going to run in place until MLB Spring Training starts, then you are mistaken. The NBA can choose to not announce their approval of the sale of the Kings to Chris Hansen until April if they want, but columnists with nothing better to do will start pressing.

What else are they going to do, in depth interviews with pitchers and catchers. Yikes!

The vetting of the proposed sale will start making its way around to the various owners soon enough. Unless 8 owners can bring themselves to say no to Hansen around the All-Star Game media blitz then we are just waiting for something official later.

We wait.

And now, filler:
About the Kings roster while I watch them choke away the game to the Jazz.
Cousins is heading down the path of Rasheed Wallace. No matter how good he is, his lack of self control could prevent him from leading any group of people with any confidence. World Peace, Danny Fortson, Rasheed Wallace, plenty of nutty players have some productive games and seasons. The Kings will never get a fair exchange in trade, talent for talent, without the crazy discount. All of those other nutty guys did turn out to be useful role players at times, but not until somebody made the mistake of giving them too much money. Don't be that team.

So, what to do?
A change of scenery, different coaches, and somebody who is assigned to keep Cousins away from the refs. Whatever, he is on the roster next year.

I can't take another minute of Jimmer.
Evans jogs his way though defensive picks for the 1st half of the Jazz game, um, not on my team you don't. SAT that dude in the offseason. He is talented, but, I don't see him getting the most out if it.

What is John Salmons doing handling the ball in any set play?

Lastly, don't get all upset, and hear me out, but, Jason Thompson reminds me a little bit of young Vin Baker. As long as he doesn't turn into old, fat, Vin, and has a reasonable contract, I think he could help a team.