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Rules for this board

So we seem to be getting more conflicting opinions on this board and our recent analytics are showing about 15% of site traffic coming from Sacramento.

I want to stress that I won't allow people to get into badgering each other. If I start to see people going back and forth trying to get people from one city or another to acknowledge their sides I will just lock it up and ask the people involved to leave for a while.

I want to respect people's right to come here and not have their efforts mocked. I want to respect differing opinions WITHIN REASON. If Travern wants to come here and troll we will ban him. If Sacramento people come looking for an argument we will ban them.

I urge you all to practice restraint in your responses. You don't need to prove anything to each other. Let things go and do not reply if it is not getting you anywhere or you become part of the problem. April 19th will arrive eventually.

I have also asked the writers to hold off on making comical posts about Kevin Johnson or the efforts down there. I've been there, we've done that. I could post the press release that I issued when we discovered "Specific Performance" in our own contract and dropped the bomb just the way they have done with ROFR.

We will not be successful at staying classy all the time. Do it as much as possible.