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Two Man Weave: NBA Trade Talk With Brian and Kevin

With the NBA trade deadline quickly approaching. Brian Robinson and Kevin Nesgoda are going be running the first ever Sonics Rising two man weave and doing all the NBA trade talk for right now.

Kevin is going to kick it off.

Kevin: Alright Brian, there have been a few cap saving trades done by the Memphis Grizzlies in the past few weeks. Nothing that will probably make their team better in the long term, but solidifies them as probably the fourth best team in the west and potentially a few breaks from being able to lose in five games in the Western Conference Finals to either the Spurs or Clippers.

The really juicy rumor out there right now is the Clippers sending DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe to the Celtics for Kevin Garnett.

What do you think about this? The Clippers going to rely on a hopefully returning and healthy Chauncey Billups to be the backup at PG or do they sign one of the Pargo brothers to be the backup and use Billups in key situations?

Brian: My quick comments are that I need to get caught up with the league again. People like to bash the talent but there are a lot of really fine young players, many who have changed teams in the 5 years since I was a regular offer.

I'm not a big fan of max contracts to small forwards unless those its an absolute star. For that reason I have no problem with the Grizzlies trading Gay. The hard part for me is the combo of Gay and Mayo both leaving in the same year. That's just a lot of talent to replace and they will have to do so with a patchwork of role players.

If the Celtics somehow got DeAndre Jordan in that package it is a no brainer but I highly doubt he would be offered. The value of old players is not what it was. Frankly I thin they should break the Celtics up and rebuild around Rondo. Pierce and Garnett will still have value and the window there has closed. I would LOVE to see what both of those guys would do in other situations on other teams. It would be a great story line for the league.

Deadline coming up soon. One thing I am looking for desperately is a potential destination for Tyreke Evans. Where could he wind up? What would be fair value? I can't come up with anything.