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Memphis Grizzlies vs. Miami Heat Game Thread



Memphis Grizzlies at Miami Heat
March 1, 2013 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH SCORE
Memphis 20 21 25 25  91
Miami 16 26 25 31  98

Television: ESPN, Tip a little after 5 PM

This is a perfect game for Miami to brush up on inside, physically abusing teams.  The Grizzlies are built like one of Pat Riley's mid-nineties Knicks teams.  They love to play inside out and can knock down perimeter jumpers to keep teams from doubling the post players every time down the floor.

Unless the Grizzlies make the Finals, Miami isn't going to have a whole lot more chances to prep to play the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Heat do play the Pacers on March 10th at home.

The Heat are going to need this game to see what lineups work best against physically imposing teams.

Best Matchup: Going to have to go with Tony Allen vs. Dwayne Wade.  Allen isn't much of a threat to scored, but he is the Grizzlies best perimeter defender.  Wade has been tough to handle in the fourth quarter over the past few weeks.  If the Grizzlies are in a winnable game in the fourth quarter they are going to need Allen to shutdown Wade and force another player, not named LeBron James, to step up and make big shots.

Prediction: Miami wins 97-94.


Mike Conley


Mario Chalmers

Tony Allen


Dwayne Wade

Marc Gasol


Chris Bosh

Zach Randolph


Udonis Haslem

Tayshaun Prince


LeBron James