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Its getting ugly out there

So first let me say that Aaron Bruski does not deserve to have NBC anywhere near his title. I can deal with the fact that he is a homer because, lets face it, I'm a homer too. What I can't deal with is the fact that he's a sloppy journalist who cherrypicks quotes and regularly incorporates unattributed statements as a basis for his articles without looking for any verification or outside expert opinion.  Is there any doubt that each and every time he says "sources close to the situation" he is just regurgitating what he is being told to say by members of Kevin Johnsons staff? If you are going to claim to be a journalist then you should have journalistic standards.  The dude is something between a blogger and a stooge.  Its annoying. 

With that out of my system I am going to switch from Bruski over to the great fans of Sacramento.  While I know that some of you choose not to view the Sacramento forums I lack that type of self-discipline.  I go there and I read it because I want to know how they are feeling. I can tell you that they are feeling angry and resentful.  Many of them are lashing out and they are saying stupid things. I want to remind people one more time that it is not appropriate or necessary to convince hurt and angry fans of why they are wrong.  There is no purpose in arguing over who has the best fanbase or who "deserves" the Kings.  We should not blame them for wanting to have a Sacramento perspective to their views or being optimistic in the face of adversity.

It is hard. I'm struggling with it and part of me is growing more dismissive and prone towards lashing out at them.  Please resist answering their stupid comments with stupid comments of our own.  We are the ones taking their team.  We need to be the ones who have the discipline and maintain the respect for them as fellow fans in a terrible situation.