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Off Topic - Percy Harvin to the Seahawks!

As your resident Minnesota Vikings fan I thought I'd throw this out for discussion since there are undoubtedly some passionate Seahawk fans here at SonicsRising.

Reports from John Clayton say that the Minnesota Vikings have agreed to trade (can't happen until tomorrow IIRC) Percy Harvin to the Seahawks for a 2013 1st round pick, 2013 7th round pick, and a mid round pick next year.

As a Vikings fan, I can say that we clearly wouldn't have made the playoffs last season without Harvin.  He was THE offense the first part of the season while Adrian Peterson was still getting his feet under him.  In just 9 games played, Harvin led the Vikings in both receptions and receiving yards.  He was an early season candidate for discussion when talking about MVP.

When he is on his game, the guy is like watching lightening.  Fascinating and faster in real life than you could imagine.  We've had the misfortune of having to suffer through not just his migraines, but his ego as well.  Many high level pro athletes have inflated egos, it comes with the territory.  But Percy Harvin has been a bit above the norm in that category.

I desperately hope the trade works out for both teams.  The Vikings are beyond deficient in wide receivers.  While I don't know for certain, they may have been the worst group of receivers in the NFL last season when you subtract Harvin.  So the loss is significant for the Vikings.  The loss is exacerbated by the special teams plays Harvin makes with his returns.  He makes good decisions with the ball, and is secure with the ball on kickoffs, which combined with blazing speed makes him quite the weapon on kick returns.

Will I miss his moody and erratic behavior?  Not at all.  But I'm afraid I will miss his talent.  I'll be watching the NFL draft much closer now (and will hold out hope that the Vikings will replace Harvin with Mike Wallace from Pittsburg...) because we do not have what we need to be competitive in the NFL next year without a significant improvement in the passing game.  Otherwise Adrian Peterson will see 8 men boxes on every single down next year.