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Today Belongs to the Sonics

I am really happy for the moves the Seahawks are making.  It's great for them and great for the fan base.  As an Eagles fan I know what's like to win the Free Agency Super Bowl, the Eagles did it about eight times.  The NFL is a very exciting league where anything can happen.  If there was a Browns-Vikings Super Bowl next year it would be surprising, but it shouldn't shock anyone.  Freak things happen in the NFL all the time.  We can't get caught up in the Seahawks signing when we have so much happening in Sonicsland right now.  To me, us getting closer to getting a basketball team back in Seattle is much, much bigger news.

I didn't start writing on this site to talk about football though.  I started writing on this site because of my love for the Seattle Supersonics and for my love of basketball.  Today there were so many people trying to get signed up for a wait list for tickets that the site went down! That type of dedication and desire is what makes Seattle basketball fans so special and the best in the world.

I am normally an extremely reserved person and hate putting myself and personal details out there, but there is something that I feel I should share, because I'm terrible at expressing things.  I'm not saying this to draw attention to myself, would rather no one know, but sharing this goes with what I wanted to write.

Yesterday afternoon I lost consciousness for about 12 hours.  Woke up in the hospital having no idea what happened or how I got there.  Going back to the doctors tomorrow to get some more tests done.  I did find out that I do not have cancer again (huge relief, don't know if I have the energy to fight it again) and that my heart is fine.  Little scared that doctors don't have answers yet, but they have some strong theories. Hopefully they are right.

This morning when I got home from the hospital the first thing I did was login to and sign up for my priority tickets.  I am not missing a game next year.  I want to be in attendance on opening night at the Key next fall with every single one of you.

For the last five years I've been told by a lot of friends and family that I had to let the Sonics go, they weren't coming back.  I know the team we lost isn't coming back.  If we still had our current team I'm pretty sure I'd be a millionaire off my variations of Trade Westbrook shirts.  I really don't think he could have made it in a basketball savvy market like Seattle.  There's no way he could have been lumped into the same conversation as great Sonics' point guards like Gary Payton and Dennis Johnson.

I guess in short of what I'm trying to say in my incoherent rambling here is that I love the Sonics, I love you guys (even though I haven't met 99% of you) and I love basketball.  It has made me extremely happy to see that love for the Sonics coming out more and more everyday and how the people are breaking high capacity servers to BE ON A WAITING LIST FOR TICKETS!

The Sonics are Seattle's first team, have the some of the most knowledgeable fans of any team of any sport that I have ever met.

You guys are amazing.  We are part of the green.  We are part of the gold.  We are the heart of the Seattle Supersonics that has never stopped beating.