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What Food Would You Like to See in the New Arena?

In the last post about the tournament (which if you haven't signed up for you can do so here) it turned into a talk about food, mostly about burgers and the best places to get said burger.  Kinsesu mentions that Chris Hansen should have a burger joint in the new arena that serves flame broiled burgers.

I have to agree.  We need to have some high quality food in the new arena.  I'm not talking about sushi, noodles or anything like that.  I'm talking flame broiled burgers, fries, onion rings, shakes, wings and good beer.  Not talking Miller Light or Natty Ice, that's what you drink when you're in college and playing Xbox.  I am talking local beers, full beers, beautiful beers that you fall in love with while you're eating wings and watching basketball.

Not a huge fan of paying $8 for a light beer.

If I were to open a joint or have a place in the arena that served food I would do a burger, no frills or gimmicks, flame broiled, fresh baked roll, fresh cut veggies (lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle) and then you can put on the ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish at a condiment bar next to the place.  I'd only have one type of frie though.  Sweet potato. Tossed with some EVOO, garlic and rosemary.

For adult beverages there'd be a rotation of local microbrews.  Eight on tap every game.

What do you want to see?  I know we don't have a huge shot of having any of ideas implemented, but it is Monday and it is fun to dream.