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I'm Not Worried

There's a lot of nervous chatter going on today.  There is nothing I can say or do that will change that until there is a vote by the NBA Board of Governors on April 18th.  We are going to have to sit back and let this play out.  There isn't going to be any spin coming out of Seattle. Nor should there be.

No matter what comes out of Sacramento, you have to remember that we are the ones in the driver's seat.  Not them.  We have a bid that they allegedly can't or won't come close too.  The Maloofs love money and why would they take less money to keep the franchise they currently own in a place that absolutely despises them?  The Maloofs have proven to be a bit spiteful.

They are the ones making the decision.  Not the NBA, not Kevin Johnson, not Mastrov, not Burkle.

Let the media make the city of Sacramento and Kevin Johnson darlings.  Let them talk, control the narrative.  We'll  just sit up here and wait.  We'll enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us every day when we wake up, the Sounders, Mariners (yes, support the local team).

We are not going to know anything until April 18th.  We are going to drive ourselves nuts continuing to speculate.  Bruski isn't going to know anything until then.  Ziller isn't going to know anything until then.  AWoj won't know anything until then.  Daniels isn't going to know anything until then.  No one is going to know anything until the vote happens.  There are gag orders now placed all around.  Any word said from any of the camps are going to put the deal in jeopardy for their side.

Why risk it?

No one is going to risk that.

It's not worth it and it's not worth getting worked up over every little tweet or every little report.  It is all going to just be conjecture at this point.  If something big happens it's going to be on leading SportsCenter, PTI, King5 and Chris Daniels' thumbs are going to fall off from tweeting so much.

We are going to get a team!  If it's not the Kings, we're not going to be left out in the cold.  The NBA won't risk losing Seattle forever.  They know the Blazers will not take over this market, we're too one track-minded and too stubborn to follow the Blazers.  You never root for a rival. Ever.

If we don't get the Kings, we're going to get an expansion team.  I know you all hate the "E" word, but it's true.  I have no basis for it other than the NBA will not screw us over twice and lose us forever.  We're too big of a market and we mean too much money in the long term.

We know money is more important to the NBA owners than anything.  Why not keep the Kings in Sacramento with wealthy owners, grant expansion to Seattle and Vancouver and move on?

Expansion is a different discussion for a different day and right now there are more pros than cons.

Go out tonight, have fun, watch Macklemore on SNL tonight.  Just get it all out of your mind.  Breathe, do yoga, talk to your therapist, go hiking, get the boat ready for a hot summer (have a feeling).  Just do anything to take your mind off this right now.

Don't be worried.  Just chill, til the next episode.