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Game Thread: NCAA Tournament Day 1

I know some of you are going to be working, but all the games are streamable so there is no excuse to not be able to catch the games.  Here is a quick rundown of games that'll probably be decent and worth watching.

(6) Butler vs. (11) Bucknell at 9:40am -- Bucknell is a solid team and should give Butler a scare.  Maybe even beat them.
(4) St. Louis vs. (13) New Mexico St. at 11:20am -- Watching St. Louis is a treat.  If you want to watch a team that actually plays team ball, watch these guys.
(1)Gonzaga vs. (16) Southern at 1:10pm -- Gonzaga starts their quest to not choke this year.  I expect them to be playing into the second weekend, but not the third and final weekend.
(5)Oklahoma State vs. (12) Oregon at 1:40pm -- A lot of people are thinking this is the big 12-5 upset that happens almost every year.  This is a chance to take a look at Marcus Smart in a high pressure game.
(4)Michigan vs. (13) South Dakota State at 4:15pm -- If we're going to watch Smart then we have to watch Trey Burke... A real point guard.
(2)Maryland vs. (3) Denver at 4:00pm -- On ESPNU is my alma mater.  Watch them stomp Denver.  Should be fun.  Also, boo to Lorenzo Romar and the Huskies for losing to BYU.  Anything to keep ducking Maryland.