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As The Crown Turns

We were expected to finally see Sacramento's financial term sheet for their would be arena.  Details were supposed to be released at 1pm.  It was delayed to 2pm.  It was then delayed at 3pm.  A few minutes before 3 o'clock we find out they are still in negotiations and they were not going to make the artificial deadline that was set out by Mayor Kevin Johnson.

In another twist to the story, turns out that Mark Mastrov is no longer the lead investor in the fiasco.  It's not Burkle either, nor is it John Kehriotis.

It's current Golden State Warrior minority owner, Vivek Ranadivé.  He only has a few weeks in which to have his shares of the Warriors bought out and figure out how much of his paltry $381M net worth he's willing to throw in.

That's the only number I can find, but his yearly salary is $550k and he recently sold about $8M worth of stock.  Not sure how this makes him a lead investor, but I guess he's going to have fun spending all his money and becoming the new George Shinn.