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So, Chris Hansen, how is our arena plan going?

Yesterday, Sacramento had planned to announce an arena plan and failed to do so.

Mark Mastrov and Ron Burkle, the duo attempting to construct both an arena plan and an ownership group, added another member, Vivek Ranadive.

In an apparent effort to add more financial heft to their bid for the Sacramento Kings, Mark Mastrov and Ron Burkle have recruited Vivek Ranadive, chairman and chief executive of a $1 billion-a-year Silicon Valley software company, to be the new leader in their bid to buy the team.

Ranadive is also a limited partner and vice chairman of the Golden State Warriors - the team Mastrov tried to buy in 2010.

New investor emerges in bid for Kings

It takes some guts to step into the light when the other news coming out of Sacramento was disappointing for the Kings fans. But, let's be realistic here, assembling an arena pan and ownership group this late in the game is exceedingly difficult to complete in a meaningful way before time runs out.
They lost a day, and potentially some confidence with NBA owners.

To some degree, it would be difficult for Chris Hansen to release information on the progress of the arena being planned in Seattle without it looking like some kind of PR play after the failure in Sacramento. But, the fact of the matter is, the citizens of Seattle and the Sonics fans, independent from whatever isn't happening in Sacramento, are probably due an update on the progress of Seattle's arena.

So, Chris Hansen, how is our arena plan going?