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NCAA Tournament Day 3 Game Thread(s)

Alright, kids.  We are on to day three of the NCAA tournament and if your Friday was like mine... Well... Your bracket might as well be set on fire, dried out, covered in gasoline and burned again.

Got a huge day going to day.  Eight full games and also Kings at Nuggets.  NBATV might pick up the latter.  Nuggets can extend their streak to 15 games and take the Thunder's lead in the division down to two games.

Trey Burke is really the only draft prospect of ours worth watching today.  He had a terrible first round game.  He was better than Otto Porter and Marcus Smart in the sense that he gets to play during the weekend and the other two do not.

I did not get a chance to see Victor Olapido play on Friday.

(5) VCU vs. (4) Michigan at 9:15 on CBS -- Trey Burke going against a very good team.

(6)Memphis vs. (3) Michigan State at 11:45 on CBS -- I like Josh Pastner as a coach.

(8) Colorado State vs. (1) Louisville at 2:15 on CBS -- Louisville by 12.

(14) Harvard vs. (6) Arizona at 3:10 on TNT -- Keep it rollin' Crimson!

(12) Oregon vs. (4) St. Louis at 4:10 on TBS -- St. Louis is going to roll the Ducks!

(6) Butler vs. (3) Marquette at 3:45 on CBS -- This either going to be a really good game or a really close game that is going to make think hard about watching another college game the rest of the day.

(9) Wichita State vs. (1) Gonzaga at 5:40 on TNT -- I think Wichita State wins this one.  Have a weird feeling about it.

(12) California vs. (4) Syracuse at 6:40 on TBS -- What Syracuse team shows up tonight?  The one that should win by 20+ or the one that is going to lose a head-scratcher by 12?

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