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Saturday Open Thread

I really can't type anything more than what Brian (yesterday) and I (Thursday) about the whole situation going down in Sacramento regarding term sheets, new investors/lead owners.

It is way too much of a mess to wrap your head around right now.  We think Sacramento is way too optimistic, they think we're idiots and that's is how it will go until the BOG and the NBA finally put a bullet in this dead horse's head.

Speaking of Dead Horses...

Update #1:  Just found out Prince is playing the Showbox at the Market.  Tickets are $250. Yes, that's a tad on the expensive side, but if you've never seen Prince live, in person, with your own eyes, not involving a screen.  You are missing out on truly the greatest live show you'll ever see in your whole life.  I'm dead serious.  See this man before it's too late.