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Who would do that?

It really is getting down to crunch time.

That last thread is a pretty good example of what I think we should avoid.  Having some respectful interaction with people from Sacramento is just great but for either side to think that they can get into a point by point debate and "win" by convincing the other is just not realistic or necessary.  

The truth is that most (not all) of the people who choose to post in the other city's forums are the ones that have the least sensitivity to the situation.  Who else but the least sensitive, most annoying Seattle poster would ever think to put their opinion on Sactown Royalty?  The lowest of the low do it and then those guys label every single Seattle poster as a troll.  Just avoid engagement.  Don't go there and when they come here be polite but do not think that anyone on either side wants to get engaged into the debate.  I respect their beliefs and hope that they respect mine.  I hope and think that I have a little more clarity and insight into the situation than they do and they probably think the same.  It is what it is.

They just had what many consider a great weekend.  Carmichael Dave kicked off his bus tour and being the sensitive guy he is headed straight to Oklahoma City as one of his first stops to show why fans should be respected.  They announced a new owner and then had a Saturday afternoon term sheet that is a completely stale story going into the real week news cycle.  Their biggest media dent was an AP story that went national in the coveted 4pm PST on Friday night slot.

Lets see what the weeks news cycle brings.  This is the week that the deal they come to is going to come under some scrutiny and questions are going to be asked leading up to April 3.  My guess is that the storylines 10 days prior are going to be very different than those when the two side actually get to face off in NYC.