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The Spin Machine

Ears to the ground in Sacramento tells me that Kevin Johnson and his Think Big Propaganda Workshop proxy speakers are running around as fast as they can declaring victory and telling everybody that they did it.  They are letting it be known far and wide that the league is going to vote against relocation and instead offer Seattle an expansion team within the next couple of years.

Remember the last time KJ ran quick victory laps to try to make sure that anybody who denied him would have to go against popular perception and risk being the bad guys?  They made such a big deal out of it that there was no conceivable  possible way that the Maloofs would upset the apple cart and bow out of a deal that they had apparently not yet signed.  The statements did not become reality in that case and I doubt they will here either.

People in the national media and out of NYC aren't buying it and speculate that Johnson is trying to float the idea of expansion in hopes that it works its way into the public dialogue, becomes something of a public expectation and that eventually league owners will warm to the idea rather than being "the bad guys" who went against a poor little city that tried its heart out.

I always wonder if there will come a point where he has played this hand too hard and the NBA comes back and chastises him for making them the bad guy.  If they have to maybe they will point out weaknesses in his financing proposal just like they pointed out the shortfall in the initial offer.

I believe there is little if any appetite for expansion right now.  If it does go that direction then we can all tip our hats to Mayor Kevin Johnson for making it happen.  Until then this just seems like a slick PR move.