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Hurricanes and relocation - via Denver Stiffs

Denver Stiffs writer Jeffrey Morton has a very nice piece today called Hurricanes, relocation and arenas...oh my.

It seems to be a pretty fair summary of what has brought the NBA (and thereby us) to where we stand today.

Morton's conclusion is this:

What happened in Seattle from 2006-2008 is a giant stain on David Stern's legacy. Allowing Seattle to be robbed of a team may result in the most brutal and cold of irony's. As Sonics fan Sherman Alexie said at the end of the Sonicsgate movie "... Seattle getting a team can only be a result of another city being robbed of theirs." That isn't right, nor is it fair to either city. However, it IS the way the NBA has chosen to do business.

Maybe a miracle happens and the NBA awards Seattle an expansion franchise while keeping the Kings in Sacramento. Yet, the cold, cold reality of the situation is if OKC wasn't granted a expansion franchise, what are the chances one will be granted now? Kings fans and Seattle fans, don't be mad at each other. You have been thrown together because that's what the NBA wanted. In the end, regardless of outcome, save your ire for the entity that deserves it.

The NBA.

It's worth clicking through to see how he arrives at this conclusion, but I can't help but to agree with him on it.