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This Would Be So Hawesome

We've all heard the rumors about Phil Jackson possibly taking a key front office position in Seattle if the Kings morph into the Sonics next season.

Does that mean Brian Shaw would be our coach? Possibly. Would Phil see Nate McMillan as a coach he could work with? Maybe.

There would be no ifs, ands, or buts about one thing, however. If Phil Jackson becomes the master chef of our team, the "triangle offense" will be one of his main recipes.

What would the key ingredients be? Two really good swing players (Jordan/Kobe and Pippen/Oden). Exceptional rebounder (Rodman). A decent point guard who can shoot (Steve Kerr).

Oh and one more item for really good flavor. A decent center (Luke Longley) who can shoot and pass. A great center like Shaq would be preferred, of course, but good luck finding one.

The Jordan and Pippen equivalents would also be exceptionally hard to find, but I think we've found our man to play the center position.

Am I stark raving mad or would our very own Spencer Hawes be a terrific complementary player in that role? I also think he would be a big upgrade over Longley. Check out the following videos.

Furthermore, as the following video shows, Mr. Hawes can play a little defense!

Statistically speaking for this season, his per game averages are 10.8 points, 7 rebounds, and 2.1 assists, according to Not great, but decent and effective, which is all the triangle offense requires.

So I say, if we get a team next year, let's also get us some Spencer Hawes!

Some might say that I'm only saying this because he's a Husky from Seattle. Some might say it's because of the recent radio interview he gave in Sacramento in which he supported our cause over theirs.

Is this part of the reason? Well. Duh!!!

Let me put it this way. If he were still a player, I wouldn't be saying this about Olden Polynice, who had an unfortunate twitter exchange with @sonicsman today.

Basketball wise, he would be a good role player in a Phil Jackson system.

Plus, he is Hawesome!!!