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Welcome to SB Nation

Welcomes you to our new - and IMPROVED - home on SB Nation! Get an account set up and join in!

Ronald Martinez

First and foremost let me say that partnering our site with the team at SB Nation is a great fit and I am really proud to be associated with them.

Most Sonics fans have had a chance to check out the quality work that Tom Ziller and his team create at and we know that site has filled an amazing advocacy role, provided the guiding communal forum for their fans that is very similar to what we did with Sonicscentral during our own team’s departure.

Other SB Nation sites have similarly impressive levels of grass roots legitimacy and credibility with the fans. Their commitment to empowering passionate fans to engage the conversation has made them the largest and fastest-growing network of fan-centric online sports communities with more than 300 active blogs covering teams all around the country. They already provide great forums for Seattle fans at,,,, and (I’m sure I’ve missed somebody…That’s how big SB Nation is!)

Sonics fans should feel tremendous kinship with SBN because the people who run this company have been fighting for years to create a legitimate role for fans in the business of sports reporting. Like us they represent a societal movement as much as an internet forum. By creating a relevant and funded corporate presence they have shattered industry wide assumptions that the general public must be content cheering blindly and overcome an entrenched belief that the fans, while well intentioned, lack the ability to understand or make an impact on the business of sports.


Fighting for relevancy and carving out roles despite establishment opposition is something that Sonics fans understand well. Since being invited to cover the Sonics in 2003 fans and writers at,, and many other organizations have proven their power by achieving unprecedented political visibility and motivation. Our fans played a keep role in maintaining passion and building momentum that filled a critical role when Chris Hansen came forward to assume leadership during the darkest of days.

While those dark days appear to be nearly over the decision to bring SonicsRising into the fold should not be interpreted as SB Nation anticipating the outcome of this month’s relocation vote. Instead perhaps it reflective of the growing national sentiment that momentum for the NBA’s return to Seattle has grown to the point where the return of the Sonics is considered inevitable. Sonics fans will not be denied and as a community we will continue to be active and visible until our team is restored.

The unique history of our blogs and unprecedented mobilization of the Sonics army have set high expectations for this site. By joining the SB Nation family we are sending a message that Sonics fans are not going anywhere. Instead we will be louder, more mobilized and more active locally and nationally as we prepare for the return of our beloved Seattle Supersonics franchise. Supported by a great team at SBN we look forward to becoming the premier home for Sonics talk nationwide.

Please sign up for a new SB Nation account that will allow you to continue to post comments under our articles. Check back tomorrow for all the new features that you can explore and use for interactions. There is a lot!

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