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We have the numbers

Yesterday we focused a lot on our friends down south and their disappointing comments that our fan base deserved to lose our team.

Today lets focus on what we can do to prove them wrong.

We all worked ourselves into a frenzy when Chris Hansen announced that he was establishing a ticket waiting list for next seasons Sonics team. At 10am in the morning die hard Sonics fans flooded and eventually crashed the servers to get an early spot on the list and assure themselves of great seats in KeyArena.

Since then I hope we have not forgotten about the opportunity.

The waiting list is not just an opportunity for the die hard fans to secure their spot in line. It is also a place for more passive fans to show the league that they want the OPPORTUNITY to buy Sonics tickets. Without making a binding commitment they can add themselves to the list who say "I love having entertainment options in Seattle and I would like to pick up a few tickets to support my hometown team when they return."

It has been reported that Chris Hansen will be revealing the number of people who signed up for tickets within the next couple of days. In response to this the hard working fan activists in Sacramento are doing everything they can to stuff the ballot box and increase the totals of their own HereWeBuy program.

Lets continue to support Chris. If you took the time to sign yourself up for the list then take the time to use social media, twitter, or more importantly direct e-mail and contact with your friends, family and other associates. Let them know that this small thing will make a big difference.

Nothing makes a greater impact than a direct invitation for support!

Lets make our own last push. Sonics fans are unrelenting. We have the numbers and we need to continue to show them. Don't be subtle. Flood the city with green and gold.