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Get your new post here...

When posts start to get in that 250+ range, we like to start a new post just to keep things running smoothly and for readability.  Thanks for putting up with that.

With that said, an even greater thanks goes to each and every participant on this site - both those who comment, as well as the silent reader type.  It is truly remarkable that YEARS after having lost an NBA team, that a site like SonicsRising can gather this much steam so quickly.  And I think this is only the tip of the iceberg.

If you haven't already done so, share the site with some friends.  Folks you know who bled green and gold but haven't been 'round these parts just yet.  Share a link on Facebook, pass the word at the bar, cover some lame graffiti with it in your favorite bathroom stall.

You are what makes the site go, what makes it so that we want to create content and share our passion for the return of the Sonics to Seattle!