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"We" need to explicitly state a few things we continually learn from losing the Sonics, and move forward when the time comes.

This is what I think, and something I had planned as a my Tuesday column on April 16th, but why not here and now?

"We" need to explicitly state a few things we continually learn from losing the Sonics, and move forward when the time comes, as Brian states below.

Brian Robinson:
So while we are having a discussion about Sacramento presence on this board I will run over a thought that I was having.This is just an idea and I haven’t really thought out the pros and cons of it.

Right now Sacramento simply is the story.You could not talk about the team coming here or the future of basketball without recognizing Sac and having them be a significant part of the discussion.

There will likely come a moment when that is no longer the case.Sacramento would be the teams past, the maloofs and BOG irrelevant and a real roster/team on the floor.

At that time I am considering the creation of a separate forum to discuss relocation and sacramento lingering issues and simply not allow any mention of it to the primary forum where we are going to want to celebrate the new team.We’ve really tried to do a good job in here of accepting the other opinion and trying to allow for a lot of reasonable conversation.I don’t want to have to do that for the entire first year of the new franchise.I want to enjoy the franchise.

I think offering a separate forum for those that still want to debate the issue is reasonable and would allow a lot of us to enjoy this forum more.What are your thoughts on a post-move sacramento ban to make this a basketball and Sonics forum?

I agree that the Sacramento and Kings discussion should not be part of the ongoing and main discussion here. Further, there is an existing site for a comprehensive and ongoing discussion, Sactown Royalty.

Having a side discussion here for people to work out the residual feelings and ongoing reality that the Kings (in all likelihood) will stop existing, no matter what the NBA says about franchise history, etc., should be isolated and short lived. Once the 2013 - 2014 season starts, then the "facts" of what happened should be noted in Wikipedia and people that want to talk about the Kings and Sacramento should be directed to Sactown Royalty (a place I haven't visited in months).

I want a NBA franchise in Seattle. everybody will call them the Sonics. But, as far as I am concerned, MY team stopped in 2008 and restarted with different players in 2013 - 2014 season.

The Kings, in all likelihood, will stop existing in 2013. The name and the well traveled history stays in Sacramento, on their web sites, and in their hearts, no matter what the NBA wants to say otherwise. Been there, it sucks.

I'm not trolling OKC Blunder web sites, not following that team, and would be happy to have the familiar strangers that once were Sonics come home to visit or play.

In a way, I guess how I delt with the Sonics leaving Seattle is the same way I would like to deal with the Kings leaving Sacramento. To me, people leave, but MY team didn't leave, it stopped. The Kings are not leaving Sacramento for Seattle. The right to have a franchise is moving, but the Kings stop and stay in Sacramento and the Sonics start again and move forward.

Should Sacramento get another franchise, they should be called the Kings, if they want. That should be up to those fans.

Like any "fiction" people tell themselves, this how I make sense of this opportunity before me.

(The was just going to be a comment response to Brian, but I think we really need to discuss this as a separate item.)