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Sacramento Doesn't Have An Offer

So this is about as close to reporting you are going to get from this site.  I was originally going to run a Rockets-Warriors game thread, but based off what is being said by David Stern tonight this needs its own column and own place to permeate.

NBA Commissioner David Stern took to the podium before the Rockets and Warriors game in Oakland.  He spoke mostly about the Sacramento and Seattle situation.  It doesn't look like we're going to have to wait until April 18th to get this all figured out.  Stern has given Sacramento until April 3rd to get their bid and arena plan completely finalized.  If it is not done by then it looks like the sale to Hansen/Ballmer is going to be finalized by the BOG.

People out of Sacramento have been claiming that this was a done deal for them and they were much further along in the process than Seattle was.  Stern made it clear that there is no bid in from Sacramento and it was more an expression of interest and that the potential bidders in Sacramento are not even close to the dollar amount that Hansen and Ballmer are in.

He did say that he was in contact with the Hansen group today.  So at least we know there is still dialogue between Chris and the NBA.  I figured there was, now we have confirmation.

Last Saturday I said I was confident that we were getting the Kings and unless things completely change in the next three weeks we should know if we have the Kings or not for certain.

My bet is that we do and Kevin Johnson can go head the NBA Players Union.

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