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NHL and NBA in Seattle next year? Why fear?

I am taking my comment from the bottom of the last thread and putting it up here as I kind of went on a rant, and we need a new thread anyways. :)

Some folks have expressed fear at having both the NHL (as in relocating the Phoenix Coyotes here) and the NBA enter the Seattle market next year. Something about it makes them nervous. I was found here making a simliar argument a week or two ago.

But think about it. This is the Coyotes… they are a playoff team. With a good ownership group this team is already ready to compete for the Cup. I don’t think this team would suffer in Seattle next year regardless of how well the NBA team was doing.

Now if you are arguing that NHL might take away some of the luster of a new NBA team, well, maybe. But the NBA team will very likely not be ready to shine for a couple/few years anyways. And these are different target fan groups, to some extent fan groups that don't overlap (albeit not as distinct as Sounders / Sonics fans).

Is the argument that the sports entertainment dollar is limited and therefore it’s a risk to pit two fledgling teams against one another in this market? Well, if you make that argument then you are essentially admitting that the other side is right and that we can’t support both hockey and NBA here at the same time. I say bury that argument. This is a very strong sports market, and there are plenty of examples of other markets who support a similar number of big league teams.

Moreover the Coyotes will be shining from from the get-go. So I think they’re immune from that failed argument anyways.

Another point.. do you think that Hansen & co will fail to successfully market the NBA team to this city, to bring back those alienated fans into the fold? With his state of the art arena, and his rock solid ownership group.. it’s only a matter of time before the team itself gets competitive, and you know the legions of Sonics fans will put aside their grudges and forget their pain, and join with the rest of us in celebrating this newfound awesomeness in the 206. It’s pretty hard for me to imagine it going down otherwise.

Not to mention the arena location is miles above the Key location (well not physically speaking... but you get my drift). It will be so easy for so many fans to get to this new arena, I think that alone will boost interest.

But, then you’ll argue that TV revenue is the only true measure of success / long term viability. Well, do you think that Hansen, Ballmer and the Nordstroms (others?) will run out of money before TV revenues show the necessary growth to declare success? Aren’t we all imagining that Chris will build the next RSN in the Pac NW? I really fail to see how revenues won’t build pretty quickly under this new system.

What exactly is the failure that people are fearing here? That NBA will be slow to catch on? Maybe, I doubt it, but if it did so what? With this ownership group competitiveness is only a few years out. There’s no way fans don’t flock in huge numbers once that happens. Are people afraid that hockey fans WON’T support a playoff bound Seattle Totems? Give me a break….