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Thank you F@cking Mariners!

Otto Greule Jr

Couldn't they just once have started off a season doing something to inspire the fan base?

Do the Mariners have to do everything in their power to make Seattle feel like nothing can ever go our way?

This moping is pathetic. From KJR to these posts you guys are falling for the narrative instead of looking at the facts.

The Mariners suck. I want them to be good but each and every time I have any hope that they could gain some momentum and turn things around they not only dash those hopes but they do so with an exclamation point. Its like they are trying to make their fans feel like crap on purpose.

We have a team Under Contract by an ownership group that is 5 times as wealthy as Sacramento's (conservatively). The Key Arena lease and renovations have been agreed upon to provide a better short term home for the team, and our newly designed, AMAZINGLY modern building is due a full year earlier than the Sacramento option. The Hansen team can easily demonstrate those things because we have a a more well vetted plan and ownership group. Our city has a stronger corporate base and a $40m/year regional sports network. Add to all that we have Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer. Despite tons of unconfirmed optimism on twitter their LEAD arena guy bowed out just three days ago and yesterday they essentially confirmed that the offer has not been matched.

We are in the lead position here. I blame the Mariners for this "woe is me", "we can never win anything" attitude. :)