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NBA Board of Governors to add time to the beginning of their meeting next week.

Patrick McDermott

David Aldridge confirms in his article on that there will be an additional 2 days of owners meetings next week. This fact has lead some people to speculate that the previously impossible discussion of expansion for one market or the other may be raised if both teams can present equal and certifiable offers.

At this time the Sacramento contingent has not yet delivered a signed and binding offer to buy the team despite multiple claims that they intend to provide a match. If a fully executed offer, including of nonrefundable earnest money of $30,000,000 is not delivered into escrow is not delivered then Sacramento offer will not be considered.

The Maloofs "have to have something done by this weekend," the source said. "Next week is the Board of Governors. If Sacramento doesn't have an acceptable offer (before then), they're done."

Any offer that claims to be "matching" will require substantial review prior to the BOG meeting. The Maloofs extended this deadline through the weekend despite originally setting a deadline of 5pm tonight.

It appears that the signed contract was not delivered on time. Both it and the purchase of a 7% bankruptcy share are still unresolved and fans continue to twist in the wind.

The fans are the real losers of this whole process. The emotional toll and high level of drama surrounding the subject has people from Seattle and Sacramento continuing to obsess over each publicly revealed detail. People with real knowledge of the process however maintain that the public narrative will have little impact on an outcome, but rather it will be based on the business and financial attributes of the respective proposals.