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Thanks to the Brother (and Sister) Fans

I've been wanting to write this article for a while but keep running out of time. Forgive me for making the decision to be casual with old friends.

While reports of last weeks meeting have dwelled a lot on the new information released (RSN, 2015 arena completion date, etc.) and the shots taken at Sacrmamento's economic future there is one line that wwe have not talked about enough. Ian Thompsen starts his description with this:

The passion of Seattle to regain what was lost was displayed throughout its presentation

I believe that this is true. Throughout this process I have seen firsthand how powerful our voice has been. I believe that Hansen and his ownership team have truly noticed and that they are truly appreciative. We have gotten their attention and that is an amazing thing.

I just want to take a moment to call attention to all the people who have stepped up in small or large ways over the last seven years. There have been so many contributions ranging from meaningful signs and touching photos to the contributors of this site taking a lot of time to give you a forum. Save Our Sonics had its day and volunteers came and went. Sonicsgate and The Sonics Guy provided something that I could never offer in a million years and groups like Bring Back Our Sonics suprised me with their professionalism.

People apologize all the time for not doing as much as they could have. I always tell them that if things go our way we can all say "I did enough."

This group has been diverse and constantly evolving. It has been a total pleasure to get to know everybody and learn so much from them.

In this mornings silence please take a moment to talk about the people who have made a difference in this fight. As stated previously if the vote goes our way we will NOT be having threads to go back over this old news, choosing instead to talk about the roster, draft, NBA playoffs and all that great stuff we have been looking forward to for the last 5 years.