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In the Interim

I am seeking additional information before I comment substantially on the unexpected delay.

In the meantime we now face the likelihood that a decision on this franchise will not be made until early May.

The NBA Draft Lottery is set to occur on May 25th. The draft itself on June 27th. To the best of my knowledge games are scheduled with equal commitments in both Sacramento and Seattle for next season so I want to revisit the concept of roster and draft talk.

At this point should we consider moving forward with active draft and roster threads regarding the Kings despite the lack of certainty from New York?

It should be noted that on SB Nation is off to a filthy start. During the month of April we lead the entire league in comment counts and are #5 in page views. Not bad for a site without a team.

Our ultimate goal is to be the most active and exciting site on SB Nation. Our strong history with the fan base and the great online connection fans have felt for the last 5 years make that posssible.

One area we are lagging behind on is new users. Our people are spending hours on the site and commenting often but we are looking for help and ideas to invite new users to come join us. Please take the time to actually ask your friends to join the conversation. Explain to them the great features of SB Nation (Z Button!) and get them to sign up early for a forum that is going to be really, really special when we actually have a roster to interact with. There is going to be some amazing content here and we want as many people as possible to see it.

Thank you for your help and input.