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Put Your Hands Up Seattle!

Chris Hansen releases amazing video and even more amazing statistics. Read his statement from

The total message from is below

Fellow Sonics Fans


Chris Hansen

As promised, we would like to announce the results of our Priority Ticket Waitlist… and they are nothing short of stunning.

As can be seen in the table below, in a little over two weeks, we received requests for over 44,000 Full Season tickets, 268 suites and had 983 businesses interested in sponsorship opportunities. Perhaps even more stunning is that we received over 32,000 Full Season Ticket requests in the first 24 hours of our Priority Waitlist going live — including a frustrating first 30 minutes when you all were able to knock our site offline with over 6,000 hits per second!

In addition to significantly exceeding our expectations, you all have sent a very clear message that all Sonic fans know in their hearts... that Seattle has and always will be a GREAT basketball city.

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As we head off to NYC to make our presentation, I would just like to recap the incredible support all of you have provided along the way. It is all of you that made the difference and got us to the point we are today… and all of Seattle should be proud and thankful for your efforts.

  • 62,700 Facebook Fans of Sonics Arena
  • 15,329 Twitter Followers
  • 8,000+ people showed up to our rally on June 14, 2012
  • 23,272 emails were sent to elected officials through, and countless numbers more directly from our fans
  • 11,255 people signed the online petition
  • 164 business signed our online petition
  • 85 business lobbied the City Council on our behalf
  • 1,000+ fans showed up at the City Council meeting to express their support for the return of the NBA – and the City Council stayed until midnight to hear all of you!

Seattle, this is one of the biggest days of my life and a seminal moment for our City. I know I am carrying the hopes and dreams of so many of you with me and I again just want to thank all of you for the privilege of having the opportunity to carry the torch for our Town. It is hands down one of the most meaningful things I have ever done in my life.

With this in mind, we put together a little video montage to both commemorate all we have accomplished and show the world the passion that exists here for the return of the NBA. Special thanks to Medici Studios and Christopher Nelson for providing great video footage and photos! Enjoy!