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Los Angeles Lakers at San Antonio Spurs: Game One

Lakers needed a win over the Spurs late in the season to keep their playoff hopes alive, can the Lakers beat the Spurs again to take an early series lead?


When: 12:30PM
Where: AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX
Channel: ABC

Series: 0-0

San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Lakers: First Round Playoff Preview - Sonics Rising
The Lakers did it. They were able to overcome one of their worst starts in franchise history and slip into the 7th seed when no one thought they'd even come within 10 games of making the playoffs....

Game Preview: Los Angeles Lakers @ San Antonio Spurs - Playoff Round 1, Game 1 - Pounding The Rock
Spurs host Lakers in Game 1.

Can the Los Angeles Lakers find The Blueprint? - Silver Screen and Roll
Even with all the injuries, even with a disappointing regular season, buried within the Los Angeles Lakers is a team concept which can compete with anybody. Can the Lakers find it?