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We all need to slow down a bit

Otto Greule Jr

I read every post that goes up here. I tend to leave it at that though. I will rarely ever post in non-basketball related things. I just don't feel that rehashing the same argument over and over and over again is productive. We know the facts: we have the highest bid and we have an arena plan that is further along. There is no denying that at this point. Just because it's not acknowledged in Sacramento doesn't mean its less true.

I decided to read some comments in some of the threads today and I'm not very happy. I've seen some very childish behavior and I've seen some calls for normalcy that have been shouted down or completely ignored. We need to stop (both sides) this. We are better than this and we are classier than this. Yes, they have taken shots at us, but it's not like we're innocent in this.

Just five years ago we were in the same exact position as Sacramento is right now. They are scared and nervous about the possibility of losing their only professional sports franchise. We on the other hand have become the Oklahoma City trolls that we have chastised so much. We are throwing out attendance numbers and telling Sacramento how much they do not deserve their team because they don't support it nor do they care about them.

We heard the same exact things in 2008. We've been there and we need to act like we've been there before. The fans of Sacramento are emotionally fragile right now, especially on days like today when there has been zero news from anywhere about anything. The duress has been upped on their side because of that. We have everything to gain and they have everything to lose.

We need to have more empathy, we need to use more civility, we need to be better people.

This is not easy on anyone, especially the higher ups that are actually playing the game. There is nothing that we can say or do right now to make this swing one way or the other. The Finance and Relocation Committee will probably hear further arguments from each side one more time, deliberate and then vote. Whatever way they vote is going to be the way the Board of Governors votes.

I please ask you our readers, followers, fans and commenters to show a little more patience, restraint and good humor over the next few days, weeks, month -- however long the NBA drags this misery out. Please do not go to Sactown Royalty, you will not like what you see there and we do not need you commenting there and coming back here and complaining you were banned. It's extremely unproductive.

We're almost home.

Trust in Chris!