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The Thursday Turtle Thread

Once again another open thread to pass the day away.

So here we are with another day passing and no real news to report. So if you'd like to step off the roller coaster a bit and enjoy some random discussion where basketball isn't allowed to be talked about, no arenas, nothing that comes from Chris Daniels or Ryan Lillis unless actually news related. Soccer, baseball and LAX can be talked about. That's totally in play. Sonics, Kings, basketball... not in play. We have other arenas for that.

I am going to try and throw out a random question of the day just to get some conversation going.

Today's question is something extremely PNW related and something we've all thought about at least once and maybe have even seen it.

Do you believe in the existence of sasquatch?

This is an excerpt from the Wenatchee World back in January.

Worm: Sasquatch in our midst?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Seen a sasquatch lately?

A north Wenatchee resident called KPQ Jan. 9 to say he saw the mysterious hairy creature of lore near Stella and Walnut streets.


Paul Graves, a local artist and tracker who has studied sasquatch sightings for 25 years went to the site and made plaster casts of footprints he described as looking similar to those of a bear, but with wide spread toes. The person who saw the animal described it as being about 6 feet 5 inches tall, covered with dark hair — and running extremely fast, Graves said. After talking with other residents of the area, Graves found other tracks in a nearby orchard near Mulberry Lane. Those tracks showed a footprint about 13 inches long and 6 to 7 inches wide, consistent with other tracks that he said are believed to have been made by juvenile sasquatches. He measured a 62-inch spread between the prints, suggesting that it was running.

"It’s a darn good chance this was the real thing," said Graves, noting that he was pretty skeptical at first. He said he’s had dozens of calls since being interviewed on the radio about the sighting, many of which lead him to believe it to be true. He said the sighting was made on a very foggy morning not far from the Wenatchee cemetery. It’s quite possible, he said, that the animal had come down from the hills through the cemetery and into the orchard to look for food.

"During the winter they do come down low," he said

This is roughly a mile from my house and a road that I pass when I'm on my way to the gym. There was another sighting about a month ago just down the back cliff from my house right next to the Wenatchee River. I've gone up Horse Lake Road a couple times to check for tracks, but nothing.

Now that you all think I'm crazy... Have fun!

Almost the weekend and Apple Blossom!