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Sacramento Kings to Seattle Recommendation Due Soon

There seems to be a general expectation that the NBA BOG recommendation on franchise relocation is most likely to occur Friday but could come as early as today. Many feel that it could be delayed again.

In other words: Nobody really knows what is going on.

I've been doing this for a while and I can never remember a time when people really had so little idea of the details of what is going on. There is still a very strong, industry wide feel that Seattle has a tremendous advantage from the deal/money perspective. Since every single precedent ever shows that the deal/money perspective will be the only one that matters in the end people are perplexed at the strength of rumors that Sacramento is still very much in it.

Mostly people are just frustrated because it is dark. Sources who usually come out during these slow times are quiet. National media guys who are incredibly connected and usually say candidly "I know a few things about that but I can't tell you until I verify it somewhere." are calling frustrated that they can't get any information. The only people talking are those in the Sacramento camp and that is only because they have waged a very active information campaign over the last several months and those campaigns tend to echo a lot when real news gets slow.

The media, fans, owernship groups and general speculators have all weighed in but up to this point the Board of Governors has done a remarkable job of keeping their feelings and intentions hidden. Their votes will decide this and when the committee issues its recommendation, disclosing their position for the first time, it will be the only opinion that really matters.

Whichever side loses the recommendation will scramble and claim that there is still hope. They will start to look at backup options including litigation and expansion but it will be a big blow.

I'm looking forward to this being over.

UPDATE: Just minutes after I post this they announce that the formal meeting of the relocation committee has been moved to Monday. That would set up a recommendation sometime between Monday and Wed of next week. Thanks NBA!