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Phil Jackson to The Seattle SuperSonics Would Be Sweet

Kevork Djansezian posted this story via Scott Ostler at the San Fransisco Chronicle.

"I've had some talks with people and there are some interesting situations that are presenting themselves, but I really haven't made up my mind yet what I'm going to do," said Jackson. "None of it involves coaching. ... There are three or four teams that have been interested."

Jackson last coached the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

Jackson said he would be interested in a developing team "where you'd have the influence in (selecting the) coaching staff and the kind of culture that goes along with it. It goes all the way down to - not down to, but includes - trainers and the people who are doing the hands-on work with players, that have to be really embedded with how you put a team together. ... The support group is important; guys who get an opportunity to hear and talk and influence the players.

"It would be a real opportunity to implant the game, a culture that I believe in - that's the intriguing part."

There are vastly different opinions about whether Phil would be a worthwhile choice to run a franchise. The culture he talks about would IMO be a really interesting way to increase the competativeness of the franchise at a time when changes to the salary cap are going to make it harder to compete with the checkbook.

Some people feel that he has no front office experience and his ego and cost would make him a disaster in that role.

Of all the stories that have sprung up recently this one is the most fun to talk about. How cool would it be if the Seattle SuperSonics returned with Phil Jackson as the leader of the show?