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OT: 2013 NFL Draft Thread

We are a basketball blog, but we know full well that fandom in our readers and commenter isn't limited to spherical ball sports!

Chris Trotman

This draft looks to be very interesting early on. I've seen reports suggesting that as many as 6 of the first 10 draft picks may be used on linemen. I think that is overstating things, but I'd say easily 3 of 10 and likely 4 of 10 will happen. Many draft pundits are predicting Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson to likely all be in the top 5 picks. I think some trading happens that changes this, but I could see that actually happening.

After last year's bumper crop of rookie QB's, this year is in appearances not nearly so reliable. If I was a team needing a QB I'd be thinking long and hard about moving down if I was in the early to mid picks of the first round. I don't think there is a "lock" in the bunch. While it is almost hard to believe, there may only be 1 QB taken in the first round this year. Wouldn't surprise me to see a panic pick where 2-3 QB's are drafted in the first round, but I'd sure hate to be that GM. I suspect someone reaches for Geno Smith in the 1st round because there just aren't many other options at the moment.

I suspect there will be a lot of wheeling and dealing going on throughout this draft. There are a handful of teams with 9 or more picks, and I can see a few of them at least bundling to move up for specific needs/players. Both the San Francisco 49'ers and Baltimore Ravens are well positioned with picks and I can see them getting some really good values or future considerations depending on what is left on the board. My home state Minnesota Vikings snuck into the playoffs but have a lot of holes to fill. They might be the one team with a lot of picks who looks to use most of them for needs. If they can combine a pick or two though & get a good replacement for Percy Harvin it will help soften the blow of his departure to the Seattle Seahawks this off season.

Other things of interest:

Manti Te'o - where does he go and would you want him on your team? As a Vikings fan, I'm really hoping they don't bite here if he's available. I don't think he's as good as he's been hyped.

Is there a running back in this draft worth springing early for?

Who gets the infamous distinction of being the last player selected?

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