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The Recommendation Report: Kinko's on Standby?

Tomorrow's meeting won't trigger the seven day waiting period. The resulting report will.

"Come on Chris Daniels. Give us a hug."
"Come on Chris Daniels. Give us a hug."

Behold the following goodness from Chris Daniels' Facebook page...

Chris Daniels KingTv
It's a big day tomorrow in the #NBAKings and #NBASeattle story.

The NBA Relocation and Finance Committee will meet, via teleconference, and are expected to make a recommendation on the future of the franchise.

The committee, and central staff, are expected to then prepare a report over the next five days to present to the rest of league owners. They will then have at least seven more business days to review the report before making a vote.

That's likely why NBA Commish David Stern is signaling a vote may not happen until the week of May 13th.

So the vote is not enough. Reports must be written.

Let the collective groaning begin...