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Jason Collins Shows the Politics of Basketball


I know that we have people of different political and religious affiliations on this site. We may not all be Washington Hippy/Liberals or have the same progressive philosophy and that is OK. I respect differing opinions around me even if some of them completely baffle me.

So if you aren't for marriage equality or do not share my views on civil rights please accept my apology for this article. Feel free to skip it and move on to discussions about today's recommendation or the amazing playoff series going on between Golden State and Denver.

As an individual writer I just want to take a moment to acknowledge the really insightful article written by Jason Collins, the first openly gay player in big league mens professional sports.

It is insanely brave to be the first at anything. It is extremely dangersous to lead, especially in a social circle that has taken pride in its macho heritage and openly hostile to the gay community. Professional sports has until now proven to be remarkably close minded for a communty that is so far ahead of the game in racial integration and features more diversity of personality than any other working environment I have seen.

I am a big believer in civil rights and a big supporter of people who break stereotypes. I was totally proud of our local superstar Macklemore when he sat right at the cusp of greatness and risked that opportunty to make his point with Same Love. He wanted to be politically relevant. He wanted to change the world and took the opportunity when presented despite the fact that his liberal views could have potentially cost him needed street credibility and decreased his acceptance as a white rapper.

That same desire to change the world exists in the NBA and is expressed in a lot of ways. I am continually struck by what driven and insightful people there are in this league and how they shatter the stereotypes that most people would apply to them. I'm not surprised that it was the first league to push the boundaries with an open gay player. I will be even less suprised to see Collins accepted, Gis bravery will result in significant changes to perception of gay people, especially within the black and athletic communities.

Jason Collins the player proves that gay people can be tough and today Jason Collins the author proved that NBA players can be eloquent and thoughtful. The reception he will get over the next several months is going to show that these young men of tremendous physical talent can see past any differences and create strength through their diversity.

Jason Collins deserved his own article today. Way to be brave @JasonCollins34!